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Endpoint security

The enduser is often the most vulnerable. That's why we must protect them from outside threats, inside threats and even themselves. Today malware is more advanced than ever and traditional anti-virus is a good start but does not suffice anymore.


Endpoint security


We are all bound to our mail, we know it, the marketers know it and the hackers know it. Therefore, it is essential that our e-mail is scanned in real-time for spam and is secured.


E-mail filtering

Network protection

The heart of our infrastructure is often the most vulnerable, the importance of a strong firewall cannot be denied.

Netwerk Protection

Data Leakage Prevention

Our data is our most precious cargo most of the time, so we need to protect it. It is not only important to restrict access but we need to take back control over how this data goes out of your network and more importantly why.

Data security

Access control

We can put the most advanced security on a network but if it is locked with a username password, why bother? Cuarta gives you the tools to add an extra layer of authentication without it being intrusive to your day to day business.


Access Controle


Encrypting data does not have to be a bother for your business process. A thought-out encryption process can bring you security to a whole other level. You can encrypt your disk, your device, your database or all your files. Nobody can access it without the proper key.

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