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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Europe decided to implement a new regulation which will have a big impact on the way we and companies handle data and even more so, how we secure it. This regulation will have impact on every organization big or small. That’s why Cuarta can advise you and guide you through this complex process. Which technology you can implement, where are your weaknesses, what are your risks.


GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

CIO as a service

A CIO always comes with a cost that doesn’t always fit the need. But a CIO is starting to become an essential part of the organization. We can supply someone with the proper vision and expertise on an equal level of IT and business. This way you will always have someone who knows your network and that can advise you where needed.



Network auditing

With our expertise and tools we can audit your network. This audit can result into multiple things. Where are the weaknesses in security, where are you losing efficiency on the network and where do we have to invest first? It also gives us a much better look at the network which we often inherited from your former IT partner.


Netwerk audit

Security compliancy

Each sector is different and each sector has different rules and regulations which is bound to. With our expertise in security we know or way around a lot of different sectors. So, we know what’s what and what you need to comply.

Security compliancy

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